Thursday, 14 February 2008

Sefton Super-Reads

Interesting bit of news. THE CAT KIN has been shortlisted for another award, also based in the north of England: the Sefton Super-Reads Book Award, which I believe last year was won by THE SPOOK’S APPRENTICE by Joseph Delaney, which is well known for being good. Looks like I may be getting on that northbound train twice in one month.

I love the North!

p.s. Yesterday I also noticed (possibly as a result of this shortlisting) a small boost in THE CAT KIN’s Amazon sales. Now, when you’re ranked 200,000th or something, it only takes one purchase somewhere to bounce you up thousands of places; perhaps a cluster of ten or so sent my book soaring up to (wait for it) 13,000-somethingth. Or (to make it sound more impressive) I was now listed at number 17 – that’s right, 17 – in the children’s crime & thrillers category. Top 20, no less. Wow. And only one place behind the ex-SAS man Chris Ryan. Well, Chris, you may sell more books than me, but I bet I could take you in a fight.

13 February will ever after be Purrs Day.


Lee said...

Way to go! (Are you paying attention, F&F?)

anngiles said...

Great news!