Monday, 14 April 2008

A flurry of sales

No, not another foray into the world of collective nouns. More a surprised remark, with eyebrows raised. Over the past few weeks the sales of The Cat Kin: Cat’s Paw have really picked up. It’s important to get this to scale: ‘really picked up’ in the world of POD means ‘sold a few copies as opposed to none at all’. So I’m not seeing pound-signs but still, it’s heartening. One brave soul even bought two copies in one go. Thank you, whoever you are. It means that a few more people are now reading the near-mythical Cat Kin sequel (am I allowed to give it that status? The near-mythical sequel? I hope so, for I just did.) And thus striking a blow for… well, for me. Which is nice. And of course for pashki practitioners the world over.

Anyway, encouraged by this, I’m going to have some copies of the book on sale at the Bolton Book Award in June. If you happen to be headed that way, and if you don’t yet own a copy of Cat’s Paw (I know there must be a few out there who still don’t) then that could be your chance. It may even be signed, you never know…

Thursday, 3 April 2008

The wisdom of Sesame Street

I don't know who wrote this (apart from Ernie) but as an anthem for a writer it's hard to beat.

Well, I'd like to visit the moon

On a rocketship high in the air.

Yes, I'd like to visit the moon,

But I don't think I'd like to live there.

Though I'd like to look down at the earth

From above,

I'd miss all the places

and people I love,

So although I might like it for one afternoon,

I don't want to live on the moon.

I'd like to travel under the sea.

I could meet all the fish everywhere.

Yes, I'd travel under the sea,

But I don't think I'd like to live there.

I might stay for a day there

If i had my wish,

But there's not much to do

When your friends are all fish,

And an oyster and clam aren't real family,

So I don't want to live under the sea.

I'd like to visit the jungle,

Hear the lion's roar;

Go back and meet a dinosaur.

There's so many strange places I'd like to be

But none of them permanently.

So if I should visit the moon,

Well, I'll dance on a moonbeam, and then

I will make a wish on a star,

And I'll wish I was home once again.

Though I'd like to look down at the earth from above,

I would miss all the places

And people I love

So although I may go,

I'll be coming home soon,

'Cause I don't want to live on the moon.

No, I don't want to live on the moon.